Kim Delorit Jensen has received numerous endorsement, at least three of which were formerly held by her opponent. She is ENDORSED by Wisconsin Progress; Iron Workers Local 8; North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters; AFSCME Local 1889; National Association of Social Workers, Wisconsin Chapter, and the following people and organizations:


Kim Delorit Jensen Endorsement logos

District 1 Constituent Endorsements

– Barbara Lawton, former Lieutenant Governor and proud resident of the First District

“I’m supporting Kim Delorit Jensen for Wisconsin’s 1st Assembly District because Wisconsin voters deserve a representative that will tell our citizens the truth – even when it may not be politically popular.  We desperately need a representative that will value solid scientific research instead of a particular political agenda and one who has the courage to break with party leadership to do what is right.  The very basis for a well-functioning democracy is that the public has the truth, and Kim will help restore that value in Madison.”
 – Lee Luft – Former Kewaunee County Supervisor and Finance Committee Chair

“As a resident of Egg Harbor one of the most memorable impressions I have of Kim is her response to the Shipwrecked Restaurant fire several seasons ago. It was a sweltering day with the equipment-laden firefighters laboring under the sweltering conditions while controlling the flames. Kim was nonstop between her restaurant and the fire scene providing water and food to the very appreciative first responders and with, I am sure, no thought but to do whatever she could to help her community.”
– John Heller, President of Village of Egg Harbor Board

“I know Kim is hard working and very generous. I am a Red Cross volunteer and Kim Has been on the spot at a couple of fires…Kim is always ready with food and drinks to support those people working the disaster. Thanks Kim!!”
– Brenda Lange, Town of Sevastopol

“I’m voting for Kim because she is very smart, very driven, and has the courage to call bull-s%*t when she sees it. I want that in my representative. The big boys will not like her, but there is no doubt in my mind she will shake things up in Madison! She has taken the time to come to Kewaunee County and really listen to our needs.  Our current Representative was never interested in listening, just defending his opinion or telling us why ours was wrong. Kim is a smart business woman who will shake up Madison for certain.”
–Jodi Parins, Lincoln Township

“Given our current state of affairs, we need a leader that listens to our communities needs and has the grit to fight for policy that aligns with those needs. For this reason I will cast my vote for Kim Jensen, a leader that has time and time again fought to create a better environment for her community.”
– Jose Villa, Brown County

“I will be voting for Kim because as a young woman, it is rare to feel like my voice is heard, but Kim did that for me. She was a great supporter of my peaceful racial justice protests that I held and wanted to hear about my concerns and priorities when it comes to politics. Kim gives me hope for a future where young people are listened to and not “patted on the head”!
– Savannah Gardner, Kewaunee

“I’m voting for Kim Delorit Jensen. As a small business owner, she has good economic development experience that fits our communities.”
– Dianne Shorter, Kewaunee County

“I have spent exactly fifty years working on political campaigns at every level of government, the first being Les Aspin’s run for Congress in 1970. I’ve been proud to work for people who share my belief in honesty, compassion/passion, integrity, confidence, and flexibility. Good candidates make for good officeholders. Good people listen carefully to all sides, to not only hear their arguments but to especially learn what it will take on behalf of all parties involved to reach a consensus. These qualities allow leaders to recognize setbacks and criticism, to learn from them, and move forward. Kim Delorit Jensen meets the criteria to a tee and I am proud to support her and have her for a friend.”
– Mike Serpe, Jacksonport

“Our current representative has been riding the wrong train toward needed progress.  He recommends using the slow, divisive ‘Rules Making’ process to address the rapid changes needed to keep pace with Covid-19.  It was a mistake to restrain the Governor’s ability to take charge of the pandemic.  Kim Delorit Jensen will be much better suited to address our C-19 needs and the many challenges ahead with her common sense approach.”
– Wayne Kudick, Fish Creek

“I met Kim years ago when she bought a dreary old bar, spruced it up, named it Mojo Rosa’s, and declared it a ‘happy place’. She spiced up that business and she spiced up the mood of Egg Harbor. She continues to contribute to the community and she’s been the most steadfast and reliable friend to me! That energy, that love of community, that can-do spirit is why she’ll be a great representative for the whole district!”
– Toby Mason, Sister Bay

“I’m voting for Kim because she is approachable, smart, compassionate, and she listens to our concerns. She is committed to fighting to make BadgerCare open to all in Wisconsin, so that everyone can get the healthcare we need without worrying about going bankrupt. She supports a higher minimum wage and is devoted to fairness and prosperity for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. Kim realizes how important our public schools and teachers are and will work for programs that support family farms.”
– Lynn Thompson, Village of Casco